Friday, October 7, 2011

Exhaust system...

The oblong exhaust system is impossible to find. I found an early exhaust with two 30mm outlets. I made the exhaust with 1" conduits. 
Starting by fitting the pipe and finding out the right angle.

The bending tool is more expensive than the materials.
For future reference:
The first angle center is at 25.5 cm with an angle of 4 degrees.
The second angle center is at 60 cm with an angle of 3 degrees.
Cut pipe from the end at 56cm (Starting with a 10' pipe)

Fitting pretty good.

The rear section has only one bent.
For future reference:
Cut a 10' pipe in half
The angle center is at 67cm from the front with an angle of 4 degrees.

The fishtail is also impossible to find; I hope to find a Robri but in the mean time I will use this one...

Due to the fish tail, I cannot use the original bracket since the pipe are touching each other. I've just welded a bracket which also will keep the pipes from twisting.

These are original brackets (For this muffler) that I will use under the engine.

I have drilled 2 holes at the lowest point of the exhaust (Back section) to evacuate the extensive condensation. It is a trade off since these might be where the rust will start but the DS usually goes down first at the front which would make the water going towards the muffler. It is easier to change these pipes than finding another muffler.

Cleaned up some rust...

... and greased the fishtail. Some paint on the bracket and it is ready to go.

I've used rubber strap hangers ref# 8484 to replace the old rubber. I just had to remove the metal part from the new part.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Electrical finished, cluster and dash closed.

The electrical is finished and everything works.
Before closing the dash, I fixed the warped cluster housing.
The hydraulic pressure bulb is a 6V bulb but the blinker and high-beam bulbs are 12V to make them dimmer. It makes sense for the high-beam since you only use it at night and it would be annoying to be blinded by a dash light, but I've changed the blinker bulb with a 6V; it is very difficult to see it in day light (Especially the flasher is silent now).

Making sure that the bulbs are working (The piece is upside down on the picture).

The cluster was manufactured on December 17th 1956; surely a very early US export cluster.

The cluster housing/surrounding piece was wrapped on the top, which is very common.

I've glued a piece of metal to keep it straight.

Looking good now.

The dash is closed up.