Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Caliper re-assembly...

 Putting everything back together...
The tolerance was so tight that the piston had a hard time to fit even without the O rings. I've honed the cylinders until the pistons could enter and slide nicely.

Polished the pistons also.

I've use 2-222 O rings; nice fit.

One clip on the rods was missing and the other one was too rusty. I've used a 1.2mm steel wire that works very nicely. 

I've used grease to stop rust and protect the pistons against further rust or leaks. I've also put grease down the shaft; the suction and the clips will hold the rods nicely in place.

Cleaned up the caliper, prep the parts and painted some.

I've installed the parking brake lever, ratchet assembly and block with the shims and rails.

Next is the spring and index going down to the ratchet.

Before installing the spring I've set the ratchet according to the shop manual (I had to switch to the French manual; the English version was tough to understand for me), then I made sure that the ratchet was working properly. I've backed the block off and install the spring.

Bottom view.

Top views.

Top view with the pads temporarily installed. 
Note: The screws that hold the pads in place have a thinner thread (.75) that the regular 5mm screws widely used on the DS.


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