Friday, January 13, 2012

Left caliper done + piping...

To add to the challenge, I could not remove the screw which retains the index/spring assembly. Usually these parts comes after the block and ratchet installation.

Used the surgical pliers to hold the spring compressed and index back.

Lever and ratchet are in.

The block is in; I can release the spring.

I've modified a screw driver to back off the ratchet after testing it.

I've used aluminum tape to plug the holes where the original springs were (Deleted in February 1958). 

I have to redo the piping.

Prepared the part for silver brazing.

The straight lines are welded (Around 83cm each).

A Propane bottle worked great for the first loops.

An extinguisher did it for the half circle.

I've used brass fittings to prevent corrosion. The piping is done.


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