Monday, January 9, 2012


I have started with the right caliper.

The bleed line and spring for the parking brake mechanism.

I had to use heat to remove the screw (Which broke)

Used a Dremel tool top make a new slot on the screw; finally loosened up with some heat and WD40

One spring that recalls the piston block was missing; probably broke at some point. I've tried to find a replacement spring and pin when I bought the car but could not find a spare part back then. After 1958 this feature disappeared; I probably will not put this back on. 

This is one of the 2 screws that holds the guide for the pistons block. I had to use heat everywhere to  loosen everything and avoid braking anything.

I did not follow the sequence mentioned in the shop manual due to some stuck parts.

This part pushes on the block when the parking brakes are applied.

The biggest nightmare was to remove these. The plates are the shims between the caliper frame and the pistons block. The other parts are the guides. The block is not going anywhere without removing these. I've used a wise-grip, heat, WD40 and a lot of patience to remove these (Probably spent an hour on that).

The ratchet and block are finally free.

These go in the pistons and push on against the caliper frame.

The block with frozen pistons.

The cavity where the parking brake mechanism are.

I had to use heat and compressed air to remove the pistons; another tough job.

The piston exceptionally in good shape considering the age of the car.

Ready to clean the parts and rebuild.


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