Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Steering rack boots...

Since the rack was out, I took the opportunity to change the boots and clean it a bit. 

I've changed this boot long time ago but obviously the wrong material for it.

The original boots are cooked.

Found some nasty stuff inside.

The riveted tag.

To go over the big pin, I had to make a tool. I've started with a piece of aluminum (Fairly thick).

After bending, removing all sharp edges and a good polish job. I had to use a torch to form it due to the thickness; it has to be thick because a lot of resistance is required when the booth goes over it.

I've use a thin sheet of aluminum to go over the hump (Ram) at the end of the rack. Grease is needed to slide the boot over. 

These boots were used so there were not as flexible as new ones; pretty tough to stretch.

I've used some Ligarex to protect and preserve the tag.

The original plug did not survive so I've use a later model (2 slots instead of 4).

Done for now; I will rebuild this rack at a later date.


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